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Designed for Real-World Application

We designed the subject matter to build from the base of the information to the apex of skill application. We are not just definitions or formulas that you learned in undergrad, or long, dry videos. Our program is based on cutting-edge research on memory retention. Our processes have been tested through years by thousands of individuals who used our methods to build skills that advanced their careers.

This Module is Intended For…

The Intermediate Module delivers information solutions and builds skills across all major financial services and tax specialties. The Intermediate Module expands on the core information of the Fundamental Module while building targeted sophisticated skills as well as demonstrating advanced level analysis without the Portfolio Management emphasis of the Advanced Module. All of our Modules and Packages are evolving and progressing each day as we are continually adding and updating the content.


No pre-requisite required 
No advanced preparation required

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The CICA is based on building skills, not learning theory.

Through our extensive experience working with professionals, we have found that it is essential to understand the core concepts of a topic, and how it is applied in the real world. This is why we structured our program to maximize understanding AND the application in the professional worlds. The Intermediate Module contains the collective knowledge of 34 Ph.D.’s and all of our C-level executives.

Harvard Business School Yale University
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania NYU Stern School of Business
MIT Sloan School of Management Stanford Graduate School of Business

Then we took it one step further…

We contracted with C-level executives who shared their personal experience and knowledge. Our Contributors have an average of 28.5 years of experience and have all ascended to the tops of their fields. Learn at your own pace, or reach out to our Contributors for questions if desired. Their experience, the lessons they have learned, and the situations they have encountered, are all shared in their writing. Our Contributors include:

5-Star Equity Fund Manager & CNBC Contributor Economist
Bond Fund Manager Chief Tax Officer
Former Healthcare CFO Former Investment Banking Executive
And More!
5-Star Equity Fund Manager & CNBC Contributor Economist
Bond Fund Manager Chief Tax Officer
Former Healthcare CFO Former Investment Banking Executive
And More!

And our list of Contributors is always growing!

The CICA Database

The average knowledge worker spends 2.5 hours a day searching for information. Think about how much productivity is lost every day. Internet searches can give us millions of results that may or may not pertain to our desired query. This is why we created a focused key-word search for our database that will provide relevant subject matter and real-world application in a matter of seconds.

What’s more?

Unlike other professional development programs, our subscribers have access to our information through the entirety of their subscription. Even if you have completed your CE requirement, our content can still be used as a comprehensive database of information solutions and real-world professional application. Our database is so extensive that it has been described as, “The LexisNexis of investments, finance, tax, and economics all in one. It has also been described as “more comprehensive than the US Master Tax Guide.”


img Ronnie Weiner, Fixed Income & FOMC
img Paul Attwood, CFA Equity


This Module Includes


QAS Self-Study


Levels: Intermediate




CPE Hours Available: 40 +


Access on Mobile


10 Trophies, 1 Certificate


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Field of Study: Fixed Income, Derivatives, Equity, Corporate Finance, Financial Statement Analysis, FOMC, Macroeconomics, International Trade, Domestic & International Tax, Financial Planning & Retirement