The CICA Economics Package - 1 yr Subscription
The CICA Economics Package - 1 yr SubscriptionThe CICA Economics Package - 1 yr Subscription

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  • QAS Self-Study

  • Levels:  Fundamental, Intermediate, Advanced

  • 560 Downloadables

  • 58 Possible Total CPE Hours Available

  • CPE Hours Recognized by the CFA Institute, CFP Board, and More!

  • Access on mobile

  • 9 Badges. 3 Trophies, and 1 Certificate of Completion  can be obtained  

  • Field of Study:  FOMC/Economic Indicators, Macroeconomics/Financial Markets, International Trade

  • Share your accomplishments on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter instantly!

  • Total Cost of CPE is $5.60/HR for a limited time. 

  • Description

  • Economics Package 
    Skill Objectives  

Designed for Real-World Application

We designed the subject matter to build from the base of the information to the apex of the actual application. The result, building skills that can be applied to advance your career. Our program is based on cutting-edge research on memory retention. Our process has been tested through years of data and thousands of individuals. We asked questions and learned what employees desire in a professional development program.

This Module is Intended For...

Hedge Funds  
Economic Dev.
PublicSector roles    


The typical knowledge worker spends 2.5 hours a day searching for information. Think about how much productivity is lost every day. Internet searches can give us millions of results that may or may not pertain to our desired query, Other sites provide mostly definitions or their information can't be trusted. That is why we created a focused keyword search for our database that will provide relevant subject matter and real-world applications in a matter of seconds. Our program has been described as the LexisNexis for investments, finance, tax, and economics all in one and more comprehensive than the US Master Tax Guide.  

  • Our Material is comprised of information that can be applied to your professional life. We are not just definitions and formulas that you learned in undergrad, or long, dry videos. Learn at your pace, reach out to our Contributors for questions if desired, and then share your achievements on your social media like LinkedIn.   Our Professional Development McGraw-Hill text is written by Individuals from :

                   Harvard Business School                                                                           The Wharton School  of the University  Pennsylvania

                   MIT Sloan School of Management                   

                   Yale University 

                   NYU  Stern School of Business                         

                  And many more  prestigious programs 


  • We contracted with C-level executives who explained how they applied the subject matter in their professional lives to become successful.  Our Contributors have an average of 28.5 years of experience and have all ascended to the tops of their fields. Their experience, the lessons they have learned, and the situations they have seen, are all shared in their writing. Our Contributors include:



                         5-Star Equity Fund Manager and CNBC Contributor

                         Bond Mutual Fund Manager                             

                         Former Healthcare CFO

                         Chief Tax Officer                                                   

                         Former Investment Banking Executive

                         And more!


                         And our list of Contributors is always growing!